A potential of healthcare marketing surveys in Poland

There is one industry, which is very fast growing in developed and developing countries. This is healthcare industry (or medical and pharmaceutical industry), today worth trillions of dollars. Companies from these market are evolving and presenting emerging technologies all the time. But research and development to prepare new products are not enough in today’s world. This is extremely important to conduct medical market surveys Poland in these market. Representatives of companies may obtain – by the use of such research – essential information about  market, competitors, clients/patients, forecasts and trends for technologies used for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illnesses and conditions, OTC and Rx medicines, in-depth market analysis, products concepts and many more. Everything to determine the shape of actual market trends.

Healthcare market surveys Poland

Healthcare marketing strategy and market surveys practice include market research studies for hospitals and other public healthcare system institutions, and healthcare companies. It is possible to conduct patient satisfaction quantitative studies, hospital and medical center image studies, advertising research and services delivery research. But research companies have to be carefull because of that healthcare marketing research Poland requires a special sensitivity when talking to consumers especially in qualitative studies. That is why experienced team of analytics focus in their healthcare marketing research practice on how healthcare institutions relate to their customers. So, it is recommended to research each of the main target groups: patients, medical staff, physicians, nurses.

It is better for medical and pharmaceutical companies to hire professional research agency because of its team of researchers. Marketing surveys for pharmacies Poland needs a aide range of analytical and management skills. Researchers, statisticians and analytics may bring industry knowledge of pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare business.

Pharmaceutical marketing surveys Poland

You can obtain information about: advertising, customer satisfaction, market segmentation, market sizing, competitors, products, pricing, concepts, positioning, branding, brand equity, decision making process. You have a wide range of research methods and techniques you can use, such as: telephone questionnaires (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing), computer assisted questionnaires (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing), online questionnaires (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing), individual in-depth interviewing (IDI), focus group interviewing (FGI), mystery client, case studies. Sometimes it also included: desk research and SWOT analysis. Usually team of researches work with a few of these methods and techniques.